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Yuno Tukusama

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Post by Yuno Tukusama Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:15 am

NAME: Yuno Tukusama

AGE: 17

CLASS: Junior

APPEARANCE: 5'9 feet tall, white skin, dark brown almost black eyes, long loose dark hair and female muscular-normal build. Uses males`uniform. Casual clothes are a black shirt and loose jeans of the same color. There`s a tribal tattoo on her right shoulder and always wears driving gloves

BACKSTORY: Yuno is the daughter of a wealthy family and has always been surrounded by commodities, that doesn`t mean she can`t survive alone. Her acquaintances have always thought of her as a weird girl, given her taste of clothes, hobbies and strange personality, but that didn`t preempt them from loving her as a normal child. Her "strange personality" is the hard effort she has to do to express her feelings, given that her face rarely changes from a bored expression even though she is exploding with happiness or sadness on the inside.
At the age of three, after the first near death experience caused by a bleeding, she was diagnosed with a strange ailing named congenital analgesia, which eliminates the body`s reactions to pain, including diseases, cuts and hits. Her small family reacted towards this disease as normal as a fever.
Her family was only formed by her mother, her father and herself. With no uncles or siblings to worry about and dead grandparents, the thought of losing someone was almost foreign, but losing herself was a very nice way to understand death with at least one near experience every year.
People with this ailing tend to live short lives without cautions. Due to this, her childhood popularity was based on the constant play of rough sports (such as american football, her favorite sport and hobby), involvement in fights due to her former aggressive behavior and her immunity to pain. She always got along better with girls of her type and the guys, but none to remark as a boyfriend, given that her reaction was always unknown to the guys who had a crush on her. The friend she will always remember is Aiko Takasu, the girl who turned her aggressive behavior into one of protection to the people she cares.
The life with her parents was complicated at first, when her interest in sports, fights and working out in the gym seemed out of the loop after showing up. With time, it was accepted there was nothing they could do to change her, so they supported her as the only child she was.
The rest of her childhood and young teen age were marked by the loneliness she ignored with a small obsession for physical development and vigilance of her surroundings, so Yuno simply sat on a bench for hours watching the crowded place she is at in case something happens. With constant medical attention because of her ailing, she survived to her late sixteen
That`s when his father died of natural causes. She wasn`t pained for his death, but the family`s medic left and her mother sent her to Yamaku academy to live and study while keeping help close.
It took Yuno a bit of time to accept the fact of her moving, but she knows how to take care of herself, so she boarded a bus to her next home with determination. On her stop to a city a bus ride away from the town where the school is located, she tattooed herself as a symbol of her new independence.
She currently lives in town in a small house purchased by her family without trouble, since she was always capable of cooking and cleaning entirely without trouble and the remainings of the huge familiar money are sent to her every week in her credit card.

PERSONALITY: By nature, Yuno hardly shows her feelings with facial expressions or voice changes, no matter who is she talking to. Her vocabulary doesn`t vary on the person she talks to, being a verbally hostile talking, but without means of aggression. Also, commonly loses herself while doing an activity until she`s done.
Her hobbies are american football and the american league, her secret hobby is writing and reading fanfiction. She is interested in keeping a good physical shape and developing strength to accomplish her life wish more easily; given this, Yuno spends her free time on the gym, but also in her home chilling. Yuno knows how to play the saxophone, but she is not enthusiastic about it since it was an ability her father forced her to learn.
Yuno`s life wish is on selecting a simple university career and using the family`s money to join a university in the US where to join a football team and that way be drafted into the NFL. Her only fear is herself, since she could be dying at any moment without warning.
Yuno Tukusama
Yuno Tukusama

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Post by Subverse Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:55 am

While the effort is appreciated, this board is in the process of closing down. Over the next few days if you keep your eye on the "The Last Generation" subforum though, you can find out where we're all heading off to. You'll be more than welcome to apply there.

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Post by NorXTNP Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:14 pm

Ill just post the link here, but read the story anyway, its great and alot of efford was putt into it!

Ill decided that, i think i can just bump every topic ignored in the past month, we now MOVED here: you can reapply and be part of an active community there:



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