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The expansion system!

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The expansion system! Empty The expansion system!

Post by NorXTNP Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:34 pm

Okay guys. This is a roleplay FORUM, so in other words, we WILL have to expand upon the possible locations in order to get a economy running. no one just wants to roleplay at yamaku and no where else.
Raiden and me, mostly Raiden, had a good idea.

Baisicly, do not see this forum as a place to roleplay at. See it as a kind of MMORPG.

Its after all a Massive multiplayer(user) online role play game

And after a certain , set amount of number of APPROVED CHARACTERS, we will expand this forum by a location, or some hot spots.

The first location we wanted to add is properly the City, because we do not have it at the moment, and you cannot really do alot without it.

If you have any ideas, please forward them per private message TO ME, as i will break my head about this the most!


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