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Post by Raiden Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:47 am

"Yamaku Academy" is a high school located very close to a small Japanese town. What makes it special is that it is specifically designed for the needs of physically disabled students. Blindness, deafness, missing limbs and various medical diseases are commonly encountered within its walls, even though recently a lot of healthy students have also enrolled in it due to its calm and therapeutic atmosphere. The school is specifically made to tailor to its student's needs - sign language is commonly taught to anyone who wants to learn it, a lot of books in Braille are available in the library, there's a hospital right next door, etc. Other than that, though, it's like absolutely any other Japanese high school. I think that's all you need to know about the "where", but what about the "when"?

It's very important to know that all RPs take place in the year 2020, or 15 years after the events of the game "Katawa Shoujo". For this reason, none of the characters from the game (not even teachers or staff) are around. Naturally, the world of the future is different, but it's not THAT different than the world of 2013. The biggest technological advancement, at least as far as the common folks are concerned, are those fancy new smartphones that project three-dimensional holograms. If you have a lot of money and connections, though, you can get access to brand-new medical technology, like cybernetic limbs and artificial organs. Despite what some conspiracy theories on Deadbook say, though, the technology is not advanced enough just yet to make them fully operational, so any rich students with cybernetic limbs should be warned that they're heavy and kinda stiff. It's also important to note that AI development has progressed significantly throughout the years, but no true AI has ever been released to the public, for obvious reasons (but damn, some more advanced machines, such as police investigation bots, sure do feel like they're run by a fully operational AI!)

Again - despite how grim a lot of people make the future out to be, it really isn't. It's not an overcommercialized dystopia ruled by corporations. For the most part, it's very similar to our present time, just with cooler tech. Keep that in mind when roleplaying, and thanks for reading!

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