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Anybody Home?

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Anybody Home? Empty Anybody Home?

Post by Satoshi Veach Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:41 am

I was sitting in my dorm room one day wondering what Yuriko is doing now when all of the sudden it hits me.

Oh my lord, I am the biggest idiot of all time.

Her family owns a large restaurant chain that's famous for more than just its food. If she lives around here it should be the easiest thing to do in the world ever if I just either

A: Used the internet


B: Ask someone-for crying out loud.

It takes only a few minutes to find out where the Futeki residence is and about a 25 minute walk over to the place.

When I see it I find myself taken aback a little bit.

"Oooooooh man whooooo the helllll am I dealing with..."

My words carry themselves out like I'm reading a Deadbook post by one of the girls you just want to throw a dictionary at so they can actually learn to use proper grammar and spelling.

Looking through the bars on the wall, I can see that her house is much more impressive than I even thought it'd be.

I move over to the gate and see that there is a com plate.

I push the button on it where it says to push to talk to the residence inside.



Pull yourself together, you baka!

"-Hi there, I'm wondering if Yuriko Futeki lives here."

"I-It's Satoshi Veach."
Satoshi Veach
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