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Slight layout changes

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Slight layout changes Empty Slight layout changes

Post by Raiden Thu May 09, 2013 12:35 pm

I've taken the liberty of changing the subforums in "Yamaku Academy" slightly. Namely - I've removed the offices of the nurse, the psychotherapist and Akira, because those characters are no longer on the forum. If any of them express any desire to come back (which is VERY unlikely, considering my personal relationship with Ben and Akira), those forums will be restored. Of course, the nurse's and the psychotherapist's offices will also be restored if new characters show up to take those spots, so get'em while they're hot! Until then, all the old topics have been transferred to a new section called "Locked Rooms" (this isn't Facebook, after all - we can't allow any loss of RPs). But grief not, as the cycle of death and rebirth continues! From their ashes, a new forum called "Teacher's Lounge" has emerged, where the students can go and speak with their teachers 1 on 1 if they need help or counseling. For now, the only teachers we have are Shinto Sequenze and Masato Toriyama, but I'm hopeful that more teaching staff will join our ranks soon! With that said, happy roleplaying, and may the posts be ever in your favor (whatever that means)!

UPDATE: We now have a new nurse! As a result, I have restored the nurse's office (though the roleplays have not been moved, as they were about the old nurse and wouldn't really have a place in the new one's office).

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