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The Roleplaying Gamers Podcast returns!

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The Roleplaying Gamers Podcast returns! Empty The Roleplaying Gamers Podcast returns!

Post by NorXTNP Thu May 30, 2013 6:25 am

The roleplaying Gamers Rising revengeance reloaded podcast returns to the forum! Well what means returns.

... In order to celebrate 10.000 post we planned an podcast, we planned it BEFORE 10.000 but you know us:


The agenda is easy:

Why we made the forum in the first place plus our EXP at the FB community.
Every single character in detail.(this took us the longest \o/ )
A Couple of news
New character announcement from a fresh roleplayer.
The Announcement of the Yamaku University.
and lastly:

A problem that concerns us all, which is a growth stagnation.

Discuss at the OOC boards!

its 2 hours and 30 minutes long,you better listen to the whole thing,or atleast a huge part of it, get your beer(boot) and be ready for some podcasting featuring your favorite and not that favorite admins!


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