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SCP-682-2 Termination Log

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SCP-682-2 Termination Log Empty SCP-682-2 Termination Log

Post by Raiden Sat Nov 02, 2013 7:16 pm

Experimentation log for SCP-682-2

Item: SCP-053
Termination Test Record: When the subject was first introduced into SCP-053's containment cell, its reaction could only be described as “mild annoyance” - it let out an audible sigh and walked to the bed, taking a seat and turning its head down. On the other hand, SCP-053 reacted with curiosity, which is its usual reaction when new people enter its cell. After cautiously approaching SCP-682-2, SCP-053 sat down next to it, spending the next two (2) minutes in silence. After that, it complimented SCP-682-2's eyes, to which the subject responded neutrally. When asked its name, SCP-682-2 answered honestly, which in turn made SCP-053 extremely ecstatic. For the duration of the experiment (3.5 hours), SCP-682-2 was coerced into participating in various activities with SCP-053, such as:
*Coloring pictures
*Arranging puzzles
*Playing doctor (SCP-682-2 played the part of the patient)
*Building models out of LEGO pieces
*Reading bedtime stories

When the experiment was over, SCP-053 was already asleep, and SCP-682-2 was (quietly) escorted back to its own cell. On the way there, it threatened that if it was ever placed in the same room as “that little [DATA REDACTED]”, it would breach containment and activate the site's nuclear warhead. In the following weeks, SCP-053 repeatedly asked about its “big sis”. Obviously, SCP-053's effects failed to work on SCP-682-2, just like they didn't on SCP-682-1. The data from the experiment is currently being examined thoroughly in an attempt to discover a correlation between 053 and 682. If the analysis fails to produce sufficient information, the experiment might need to be repeated.

Note: 682-2 just doesn't know how to have fun! Seeing her play together with 053 was the most adorable thing I've seen since I've started work here, but her reactions worry me a little bit. In her psychiatric evaluation, there was no indication that her mental condition was this serious (no pun intended). In any case, she needs more fun in her life! The other Class 4 researchers might forget this, but she's just a child, and as such deserves to have a proper childhood, even in her condition. I think I'll ask permission to introduce her to 085, 134 and 999. Oh, and 458! - Dr. ███

Item: SCP-076
Termination Test Record: On ██.██.20██, subject SCP-076-2 breached containment (which would make it its ██st such offense), killing █ researchers, ██ security guards and █ Agents. Instead of sending more men, Dr. ███ decided to send SCP-682-2 to neutralize the situation. It is important to note that Dr. ███ made this decision without receiving any kind of approval from an O5 member. SCP-682-2 was instructed to infiltrate Site █ and kill SCP-076-2 in order to return it inside SCP-076-1. SCP-682-2 was armed with nothing but [DATA EXPUNGED] – all standard equipment for SCP field agents who were cleared to engage a Keter-class threat. Due to the location of site █, video feed of the encounter was unavailable. Instead, the only record of it comes from the wiretap SCP-682-2 was equipped with. Based on it, researchers were able to determine that SCP-682-2 engaged SCP-076 immediately upon finding it, which took approx. fifteen (15) minutes after entry. The fight itself lasted for about forty five (45) minutes. Throughout, ██ shots were fired, ██ of which from [REDACTED]. Ultimately, the struggle came to an end when SCP-076-2 suffered at least two (2) fatal stab wounds to the chest. After that, it engaged in a conversation with SCP-682-2. Below is an audio log of that conversation:

Audio Log wrote:SCP-076-2: Why are you here?

SCP-682-2: Isn't it obvious? They sent me to kill you.

SCP-076-2: No, I mean... *coughs* Why are you here, kid? What's your deal?

*silence for approx. 25 seconds*

SCP-682-2: I suppose I was bored.

*SCP-076-2 laughs, then starts coughing*

SCP-076-2: I knew it from the moment I saw ya. You have the eyes of a hunter. And I'm not talking about... Y'know.

SCP-682-2: Then, what are you talking about?

SCP-076-2: *laughs* You got something inside you that most of those [two words in ancient Sumerian] can't even dream about.

SCP-682-2: Oh, really? And what would that be?

SCP-076-2: The killer instinct, kid. Just like me. *coughs* I'm sure they have some new, fancy name for it, just like for everything else, but that's what it is. That feeling of superiority you have... It ain't just a feeling.

SCP-682-2: I know.

SCP-076-2: Heh... Just be careful. They tried to use me to do their dirty work as well, and look where I ended up. People like you and me... We got no place in their world.

SCP-682-2: Maybe not. But it's still so much fun to play with them.

SCP-076-2: *laughs* That it is, kid. That it is.
A few seconds later, SCP-682-2 slit SCP-076-2's throat and requested extraction. Following the operation, the 05 board decided to reclassify it to Thaumiel, █ for and █ votes against. Because of her disobedience, Dr. ███ was terminated and replaced by Dr. █████

Note: What a fucking mess ███ put me into... Not only do I have to take care for the little offspring of the worst fucking monster we've ever contained, but I also get it right after it had a little heart to heart with the biggest sociopath who ever lived. I don't even know what I'm supposed to write in these things! Okay, ██████, you've made your point! Now reassign me, please! -Dr. █████

Item: SCP-2001
Termination Test Record: Without SCP-682-2's knowledge, Dr. ██████ asked SCP-2001 to terminate it. SCP-2001's reaction was to laugh and terminate Dr. ██████ instead. The next time the two subjects met, SCP-2001 confessed about what happened. Interestingly, SCP-682-2's reaction was to criticize SCP-2001 for its actions. An ongoing psychological evaluation was immediately issued to determine whether or not SCP-682-2 might be suicidal, but the researchers in charge of it claim that its reaction was a direct result of its sociopathic mindset and its inability to comprehend SCP-2001's actions.

Note: This is exactly why I was opposed to letting two of our most powerful SCPs meet. Now, probably the only person in the world that can possibly kill SCP-682-1 and SCP-682-2 for good refuses to do it because it considers 682-2 its best friend forever. Make a note, ladies and gentlemen - that's what happens when you make important decisions about SCP-682-2's life without consulting me!
Note 2: So, it was 05-6 who authorized the meeting between SCP-2001 and SCP-682-2... Why am I not fucking surprised?!? -Dr. █████

Item: SCP-096
Termination Test Record: SCP-682-2 displayed no fear or discomfort upon encountering SCP-096's cell. Instead, it instinctively realized the purpose of the experiment and, even without having been assigned a weapon, still prepared its body for an encounter. Within thirty (30) seconds, the subject's eyes made contact with SCP-096, which retaliated by immediately attacking. SCP-682-2 managed to avoid sustaining serious injuries for the first four (4) minutes of the fight, yet in turn was also unable to deal any injuries to SCP-096. After that, SCP-682-2 [DATA EXPUNGED]. The entire battle continued for twenty-eight (28) minutes. After its end, the state of the subjects was, as follows: SCP-682-2 – torn-out left arm, mutilated legs, heavy internal bleeding, massive blunt trauma to the head (likely a result of [DATA REDACTED]); SCP-096 – broken limbs, heavily damaged internal organs and face mutilated beyond recognition. After that, SCP-096 remained docile, in a state not very different from its normal one. It displayed absolutely no aggression towards SCP-682-2 or the D-class personnel who cleaned up its cell after the encounter. Both subjects recovered completely within a week.

Note: Okay, color me impressed – one of the deadliest things on the planet couldn't even keep SCP-682-2 down for more than a week?!? Looks like I made the right call by issuing for its termination – if that thing ever breaks bad, we're all fucked beyond measure. It's got the strength and endurance of SCP-682-1 and the brains of a human with above average intelligence, which could make it possibly the biggest pain in the ass we've ever had. Termination attempts will continue for as long as I'm in charge of it. -Dr. █████

Item: SCP-173
Termination Test Record: As soon as it was introduced into SCP-173's cell, SCP-682-2 turned back and wholeheartedly requested to leave, although it refused to cite the reason for this. Once the request was denied and the cell door was locked behind them, SCP-682-2 slowly backed into a corner while not letting SCP-173 out of its sight. It is important to note that SCP-682-2 was not provided with any information about SCP-173, and it is currently unknown how exactly the subject knew about 173's abilities. After 4 minutes, SCP-682-2 blinked, which caused SCP-173 to move across the room and take a hold of SCP-682-2's arm. The subject freed itself by breaking its own arm right above the elbow, then crawled to the opposite corner of the room, all without taking its eyes off SCP-173. After failing to acquire the desired results, the researcher in charge ordered for the lights inside the cell to be extinguished and kept like that for fifteen (15) minutes. What occurred during this time period is unknown, yet SCP-682-2's screaming was clearly recorded in the audio log. When the lights were turned back on, SCP-682-2 was found lying in the same corner it was before the blackout, with its [DATA EXPUNGED]. The experiment was immediately terminated and three (3) D-class personnel were sent inside the cell to retrieve SCP-682-2. The subject took three days to fully recover physically, and for the next six weeks suffered from what could only be described as severe depression. At one point, it specifically requested a visit from SCP-2001 – the first and, so far, only time in which a meeting between the two was not requested by SCP-2001.

Note: SCP-173 can't kill SCP-682-2, just like it couldn't kill SCP-682-1. But it can hurt it. A lot. SCP-682-2 fears it immensely, way more than it fears a reclassification to Keter. Agents and researchers are heavily advised to threaten it with a return inside SCP-173's cell if it is uncooperative. -Dr. █████

Item: SCP-2029
Termination Test Record: When SCP-2029 was discovered, three agents (████, ████████ and █████) were dispatched to contain it, led by Agent ████████. The plan of action was standard protocol “Anglerfish”. Due to SCP-2029's unpredictable nature, Dr. █████ advised that SCP-682-2 should be taken as well. Despite Agent ████████'s objections, O5-1 approved the request. The agents and SCP-682-2 were promptly sent to the home of Margaret Cook, adoptive mother of SCP-2029. The plan, as per protocol “Anglerfish”, was to use the mother's phone in order to lure the subject to her home and capture it during its state of lowered alertness. As a result, the deaths of Margaret Cook and everyone else in the household were authorized. SCP-682-2 sneaked into the house at 3:41 PM and only found one person inside – Margaret Cook herself. As per the plan, SCP-682-2 proceeded to eliminate the woman via a stab in the carotid artery. Soon afterward, Agent ████████ used Margaret Cook's phone to call SCP-2029 by sending the following e-mail:

Chris, I need your help with something. Please come by as soon as you can!
Exactly 13 minutes later, SCP-2029 was spotted approaching the location. After having SCP-682-2 stand by in case something went wrong, Agent ████████ ordered the sniper team to neutralize SCP-2029 using a powerful anesthetic dart. The plan worked, and SCP-2029 was quickly contained. While the subject did make eye contact with SCP-682-2, it is currently unknown whether or not it managed to identify and remember it.

Note: Well, if anything, at least the little reptile is good for killing middle-aged women. Make sure she pays my wife a visit sometime on an off day - Dr. █████

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