Pi Day Is Okay

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Pi Day Is Okay

Post by Satoshi Veach on Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:02 pm

Today is White Day. I never celebrated it ever just like how I've never celebrated Valentines day for obvious reasons.

Now, In America (and my old house) my brothers would randomly celebrate a thing called 'Pi Day.'

Well...they wouldn't exactly celebrate it, but they would recognize it.

I'm sitting in the music room all bored out of my mind while thinking of what I would do for someone on Valentines Day or White Day and then remember that today is actually Pi Day.

This gives me an idea.

Immediately I get up and go to the Marimba, pick up my yarn mallets, and play a couple notes.

After warming up with a couple novelty songs and a little improv. I begin a heavily simplified version of my brother's "The Pi Song."

"I love Pi-I recite it all the time
Recite it all the time-just like a nursery rhyme
It's easy to write-it's just a squiggly and some lines
And so you can make it all the time


-You can use it in a circle-you can use it in a cone
You can plug it in the calculator on your phone
it was hard to do that before pi was known
but now you can do it all on your own


*continued playing for a bit to recover and think*


........Iiii looooove piiiii."

God, I suck at life...

I finish up with a quick little ending.
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