[Open] ‘You don't have to be alone.' (From Lips of Lying Dying Wonder Body # 1)

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[Open] ‘You don't have to be alone.' (From Lips of Lying Dying Wonder Body # 1)

Post by Nicholas H - Dazai on Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:49 pm

"Musicians are cowards! Musicians are cowards! Musicians are cowards!"

I look at my CD player wondering what he meant by that as I bit into a piece of vegetarian lasagna for dinner. I don't understand. Don't we care about the message conveyed, the emotion portrayed....or we all hiding beyond the masquerade of art and words that move mountains and use them to move up in status and from student to platinum bank accounts. Am I a coward?

A note was in my left hand that simply read: "You don't have to be alone." I must have read it a thousand times since three days ago when I received it. It was simple. But I looked at it more puzzled than when I first read Heidegger's Sein und Zeit. Huh?

I took another bite of my dinner and wash it down with the cup of cranberry juice aside my right hand. Looking forward, I think to myself and lean back a bit, relaxing.

The chattering of the students fill the space. But sparsely. It fills in the cracks of silence quite nicely.
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