[Open] Beautiful Works Of Fire

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[Open] Beautiful Works Of Fire

Post by Satoshi Veach on Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:44 am

What time is it?

Ah, whatever.

It is nearing the time for the festival to come to a close.

Kuriko, my family and I have hung around but now my family have all went and set up a spot to watch the fireworks while the girl and I went and played some games for the rest of the time.

As carnival games go, many of them seemed impossible to do such simple things like throw a ring on at least one bottle when you had a tightly-packed group of bottles or get a ball in a bucket.

However, the few that I picked out like 'shoot the red star out of the paper' with a machine BB gun that...really wasn't very accurate, 'pop the balloons' with the darks-You can bet I was great at that one, or the cork gun game really did well with my particular interests.

I was even able to get Kuriko one of those big stuffed bears you would almost only see in the movies for the BB gun one. Took me a few tries because the people who worked the stand weren't supposed to even see a speck of red but I got it.

It's the first time Kuriko and I have been alone with each other for the whole day.
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