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Post by Raiden Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:33 pm

Some of the users have complained about the supposed lack of notifications on this forum, as opposed to Facebook. Obviously, it's a pretty big inconvenience to constantly have to reload the page, but fortunately, there is a simple solution. I'm not sure if you noticed, but (unless you've specifically unsubscribed), the forum automatically sends you an e-mail every time someone responds in a thread you've been involved with. From that point on, getting instant notifications is as simple as installing the proper extension for your browser and e-mail provider. Just type the name of your browser (most likely Chrome or Firefox), your e-mail provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) and the keyword "Notifications", and you should be able to easily find and install extensions that show a notification in real time every time you receive an e-mail. Set it up properly, and you'll never have to refresh the page to look for responses again!

Now, understandably, a lot of you have used a one-time e-mail, or have different e-mails for each character on here, but thankfully, that's easily fixed. All you have to do is write me up a PM telling me what you want your new e-mail address associated with your account to be, and I'll change it for you! And yes, multiple profiles CAN share the same e-mail post registration! I hope this little piece of info will create an even more enjoyable RP experience for everyone!

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