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Kisaragi Souta

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Kisaragi Souta Empty Kisaragi Souta

Post by Kisaragi Souta Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:02 am

NAME: Kisaragi Souta

Sometimes known as:

  • Idiot (Bak-kun. Bak from the word Baka, I'm sure you've guessed)
  • Annoying (Mendoku-san. Mendoku from the word Mendokusai, meaning, well, annoying)
  • The Amazing Souta (Self-proclaimed)

AGE: 15

CLASS: Freshman

APPEARANCE: Souta is a slim young man, built well, though with little actual muscles to speak of. He stands at 5'7 with black hair and gray highlights. He is almost always with some type of smile on his face, whether it be full blown, loose, or just a simple smirk. Outside, he typically prefers to wear jackets, most notably a certain select two, one gray with a large yellow smiley face on the chest, and another one that is black with monochrome camouflage on the sides and the hood. When the days are too hot for a jacket, he prefers to wear thin shirts, preferably ones bearing collars.

BACKSTORY: Souta lived most of his life casually, following the typical order a person would go through as a child. He went to school, made friends, everything normal kids would do. He even had a cool talent that he was pretty good in: singing. Even more so, he had a group of friends that he played around with, but after a certain amount of time they simply stopped. This left him confused, insecure, and ultimately scared. Even his mother who took such pride in him began to slowly change her vision of him as her little angel, to her little problem. When the problem finally got to the point where Souta had almost completely stopped breathing, only then did his mother take him to a neurologist. The doctor gave his mother frightful news, diagnosing Souta with Tourettes, a motor tic disorder where he had to do a specific set of actions otherwise he just wouldn't feel right. This feeling of incorrectness would be so bad at times that, if his tics weren't done to the point of bodily satisfaction, then his breathe would be held until it did.

In an attempt to fix this, Souta was tasked with taking a corrective pill that, theoretically, would suppress his urges to "tic." Obviously it didn't exactly fix him, as any type of miracle cure was simply just a hoax to begin with. Knowing this, Souta continued to gulp down the pills anyway, less for himself, and more to give his mother a sense of relief and closure. Sadly, it never really did give him back the pride his mother always used to have for him. Instead, her hopes and dreams for a great offspring fell onto his younger sister, who, by default, had to learn to be perfect in everything. As such, much of her emotions were stunted, and she rarely talked, settling into a deep state of melancholy. In a way to help her become happy, Souta made himself into a bright, cheery person that pulled his younger sister along. He even went as far as becoming someone smart enough to match her so she doesn't get bored. Ironically though, his smarts don't come in his ability to learn, or how easily he can do something, like his sister, but rather in using tactics so unpredictable that others are left stunned and nearly unable to react. As such, his sister views Souta as a reliable and fun person to be around, and smiles much more often because of him.

Later in life, his mother enrolled him into Yamaku, whether this was to get rid of him or to provide him with medical and educational help is unsure. However, she regularly sends messages, and his younger sister often texts him just to talk, so the latter tends to seem more likely.

PERSONALITY: On the outside, Souta is cheerful, happy, and surrounded by friends. He's a bit of a social butterfly in how many people he can talk to, but due to his disability, he doesn't always try to seek the limelight. Most of the time he is able to suppress the urge to tic by keeping it in the back of his subconscious. In that way, tic-ing isn't too much of a problem for him normally, but at times it can get bad. Still, his bright, outside demeanor very rarely breaks, and he does not normally show a serious side. His competitive side, however, is a different story. When he gets interested in something, winning for example, he can easily manipulate a situation, though in strange ways, in order to get the upper hand.

In front of people like adults and strangers, Souta can be very polite. Manners come to him almost like a second nature due to his mother's influence on him in his early years. However, another thing in his personality caused almost directly by his mother would be his inner side, a part of him that he barely, if ever, shows. In reality, Souta is quite annoyed by every single person he knows, occasionally cursing them out in his head, or simply just listing off the things that are wrong with them. A lot of the time, he lists the things that would probably hurt their pride the most, almost like a countermeasure. However, this side of him almost never surfaces and his resent for the world and the people around him are nearly never seen on the outside. Interestingly, this other side of him is mostly attributed to the fact that people abandoned him when he was young, hence his inability to fully trust, nor open up to anyone.
Kisaragi Souta
Kisaragi Souta

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Kisaragi Souta Empty Re: Kisaragi Souta

Post by NorXTNP Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:15 pm

Ill just post the link here, but read the story anyway, its great and alot of efford was putt into it!

Ill decided that, i think i can just bump every topic ignored in the past month, we now MOVED here: you can reapply and be part of an active community there:



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