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The Satou-Harway War

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The Satou-Harway War Empty The Satou-Harway War

Post by Raiden Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:50 pm

[After the reboot, the Satou-Harway war never happened. Takeshi Tachibana never moved to Japan, and thus the SWA was never created. The Satou Organization also never existed due to the fact that its existence was anomalous in the old world - a mistake that the universe has since corrected. The only participant of the war is the Harway Corporation who, left unchecked, are currently in charge of the world. I'm keeping this here just because I believe it's interesting to read, and besides, it's still canon for the Cybernetic Nightmare universe, and who knows, there's a 1% chance that particular world might live again]

Okay, since the next big arc we have planned (after a short breather arc) relies heavily on knowledge of events from the Facebook community to be fully understood, I decided to write this up and get you guys caught up on some of the more important stuff that happened there. It might be a little long, so you don't have to read it unless you want to.

Still with me? *Assumes the Gendo pose* Excellent! Now, this is the story of three organizations that got locked into a secret war back in 2005-2006, and also the reason why you should never, ever piss off a feminist. The players are the Satou Organization, the Harway Corporation and the SWA. The Satou organization is a top-secret all-female unit that's secretly in control over most of Japan and is led by Akira Satou. But that's not the same Akira Satou from “Katawa Shoujo”. In an alternative world, this Akira was the leader of the feminist faction waging war on the anti-feminists, led by Kenji Setou. As a last resort, Setou created a device that could alter the fabric of space and time, and thus rewrite history. He planned to use this device to wipe out the feminists from existence, but this backfired when a feminist informant leaked the information. Instead, the anti-feminists were wiped from existence and the whole universe was rewritten, creating the world of KSNewGen we know and love today. Left unchecked, Akira and her troops formed the Satou Organization and quickly seized control over Japan.

The Harway Corporation is a company that thrived on weakening rival businesses through sabotage and assassination before buying their stocks and absorbing them, thus expanding to a growth that was almost immeasurable due to the sheer amount of dummy corporations it possessed. After at least a century of power building, they had already acquired informal control over most of Western Europe and were constantly expanding their influence even further. In order to achieve their goals, the Harways had a specially trained unit of assassins, mostly consisting of children and teenagers whose parents died while serving the Corporation. One of these assassins was Leo Harway, the only heir of the family in charge. And before you ask if that's the same Leo Harway from Katawa Royale, the answer is yes and no – remember, our world is only a part of the multiverse! So, as cybernetics slowly emerged and cybernetically enhanced soldiers slowly began seeming like the best way to go, the Harways decided they want a piece of the pie too. They already hired a team of engineers to build them some robotic limbs, and while the cybernetic bodies they built did work, they were nothing extraordinary. They wanted more. They needed their cybernetic soldiers to go above and beyond. And that's where the SWA came in.

The SWA (Social Welfare Agency) was a top-secret Italian government agency. On the surface, it posed as a non-profit organization that helped terminally ill or otherwise extremely badly injured children, giving them a new home away from the hospital in which they were confined and prolonging their life using cutting-edge medical technology. But the parents signing the documents to give their children to SWA care had no idea that the agency was actually turning them into state of the art cybernetic assassins in order to combat a terrorist organization calling itself Padania that fought for an independent northern Italy. On a technical level, the project was jump-started by one Takeshi Tachibana back in 2001, who designed all the cybernetics that the child assassins would be outfitted with. By 2005, the SWA already had more than two dozen state of the art cyborgs working for them.

That's when they received a signal that a high-ranking Padanian terrorist was hiding out in Japan, close to Yamaku. The SWA knew that if they sent one of their agents there, the Satou Organization would immediately notice and react with hostility. They also knew that suddenly transferring a child from Italy would make it painfully obvious to the terrorist that the SWA was on his track, which would inevitably make them into targets. Still, they couldn't just ignore the threat. As a result, the SWA came up with a plan. A mercenary called Deadpool had made the town next to Yamaku his home. He also had a close friendship with Eos Eregeneia, Akira Satou's girlfriend. And last, but not least – he was indebted to them, as it was the SWA that helped smuggle him from Europe to Japan after Deadpool's failed assassination attempt on George W. Bush during the 2004 elections. As such, the SWA called Deadpool to Italy and promoted him as a full-fledged member, assigning him his own cyborg – a little girl named Andrea. After that, they sent him back to Japan, tasked with finding the Padanian terrorist. Of course, it was painfully obvious to them that he would not only fail in that task – he'd attract the terrorist's attention. Both Deadpool and Andrea were expendable, so the SWA's assets were never in danger. And once they were assassinated, some of the Agency's undercover agents there would follow the assassin's tracks right back to the terrorist.

But there was never a terrorist. It was all a plan of the Harway Corporation, which ultimately aimed to acquire one of the SWA's cyborgs and reverse-engineer the technology in order to improve their own cybernetic warriors. But there was one thing neither the Agency nor the Harways anticipated – Akira Satou took a liking to little Andrea. After taking her under her wing and becoming a sort-of mother figure to her, Akira soon learned of the Harways' plan and went after Leo Harway, who was stationed in the town in order to oversee everything. After tracking him down, Leo made her an offer – if she handed Andrea over, the Satou Organization and the Harway Corporation would become allies, ruling the world together. Akira made him another offer – if he left peacefully, she wouldn't destroy his family. Leo dismissed this as nothing more than mere arrogance and activated an EMP charge that completely fried Andrea's cybernetics, leaving her to watch helplessly as Akira and Leo began a fight to the death, which Akira barely won by cheating. The woman stayed true to her word – she immediately gave the word and launched a major offensive on the Harway Corporation, bringing down the giant in a matter of months. And just to rub salt in the wound, she then used the reality-warping machine to bring all of her dead soldiers back to life, making this a flawless victory. She also used the machine to replace all of Andrea's broken cybernetic parts with organics, making her fully human again. After the war ended in 2006, the Harway Corporation was no more.

But the SWA demanded their cyborg back. Once the truth about what had happened to Andrea became obvious, their representative backed away and proposed a deal – they would leave Andrea alone and just consider her a casualty as long as the Satou Organization stays off their backs. Akira simply responded with: “You are in no position to make such an offer”. Following this, Akira made it her purpose to completely obliterate the SWA. Since the Agency is under the direct control of the military, any direct action against them could potentially result in a war between Japan and Italy. That's why she decided to act a bit more subtly – namely, she used her sources and informants to discover the location of the captured Padanian terrorist Giacomo Dante – a man known for his fanatical devotion to chaos and destruction who achieved not just one or two victories for his faction before being arrested. After that, Akira leaked his location to Padania and left everything else to chance. Her plan worked like a charm – shortly after Dante was busted out, Padania and the SWA wiped themselves out, resulting in hundreds of casualties, including almost every single child soldier working for the Agency. In the wake of the insurrection, Giacomo Dante was arrested and Takeshi Tachibana moved back to Japan to start Tachibana Industries.

The last terrorist is in captivity. The world is at peace.

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