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The Decimation Event

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The Decimation Event Empty The Decimation Event

Post by Raiden Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:14 pm

The world of "KS: The New Generation" used to be inhabited by mutants - people whose DNA naturally evolved (or was augmented artificially, with similar results) to give them superhuman abilities such as invulnerability, telepathy or the ability to breathe underwater. There were thousands of mutants around, mostly unchecked. The one I'm sure most of you are familiar with is our good buddy Deadpool, the merc with a mouth, whose X-gene (the gene responsible for the mutation) cures his wounds almost instantly and is able to regrow limbs and even bring him back from the dead. Generally, mutants weren't treated very well. While the government never exactly built giant robots to hunt mutants, most regular humans were still wary of them and often discriminated them. Most importantly, almost no one wanted to hire an outed mutant, which is why most of them had to turn to crime in order to support themselves (we're talking about just the ones who were outed, or had very visible mutations - there were still thousands of mutants whose abnormality remained a secret, sometimes even to them). I should probably point out that there weren't any mutant extremist groups doing terrorist acts against the inferior homo sapiens either, so I suppose that helped human-mutant relations slightly. In any case, while mutants weren't universally hated and feared, they certainly weren't liked very much.

Everything changed in 2015 when, for unknown reasons, every single mutant suddenly lost their X-gene. This event is now known as Decimation.

Now, I need to point out that not everyone with an X-gene lost it - the gene usually activates itself around puberty, or after an incredibly traumatic event during the mutant's childhood. After it activates, it also bestows whatever powers it contained to the one carrying it, which officially made the mutant a mutant. As such, a select few of no more than a few dozen kids who had an inactive X-gene remained unaffected by Decimation, and would receive their powers as usual when they entered puberty a couple of years later. However, everyone else, including our beloved merc with a mouth, wasn't so lucky. Since a couple of them died following Decimation, the depowered mutants suddenly became media sweethearts, and the way their situation was presented to the public gained quite a lot of sympathy. Deadpool himself was forced to quit being a mercenary and instead bought Facebook, renaming it Deadbook and transforming it into a powerhouse that quickly wiped out other social medias from existence.

So, let's recap - while the existence of mutants is widely known, by 2021 there isn't even a single one in the world. But that's about to change...

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