Just The Hero This Town Needs

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Just The Hero This Town Needs

Post by Tiberius Hawke on Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:52 am

Sitting on the porch of his grandparent's house which faces the main street of the town, Hawke is thinking about life, the universe, and everything.
Yamuku has been great for hme, I've met some great people: Satoshi, Asterick, Yuuji, Chris... Ayame. This town ain't half bad either. It's quiet, peaceful, no criminal activi-

The chilling scream of a woman penetrates the air. Hawke looks up to see a schoolgirl that he doesn't noticed getting mugged by a man wearing a long coat.
SCUM. Immediately pops into Hawke's head, thinking back to that night of terror where he and his father had their lives shattered, even ended in his father's case.
Without a moments hesitation Hawke gets to his feet, and in a fit of rage managed to ignore the pain in his leg and performs a powerful blow to the side of the assailant's head, who proceeds to turn around and snarl at Hawke.
Oh shit. Hawke thinks as the mugger pulls out a knife, only to be interrupted by a blow to the face from the side which knocked him clean out.

"Hehe, I was a bit of a goner then!" Hawke said, in the general direction of his saviour.
More pressing matters than thanking my saviour Hawke turns toward the school girl "Hey, you ok?! Are you hurt?!"
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