SCP-2001 - The Messiah

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SCP-2001 - The Messiah

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Item #: SCP-2001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2001 is to be allowed to roam the facility freely, at its own leisure! At no point is it to be confronted negatively or denied anything not listed as an exception! Said exceptions include:
* Requests to leave the site
* Requests to enter other subjects' cells (except for SCP-█████, which can be arranged during certain conditions)
* Requests to meet individual not working for the SCP Foundation (phone calls or Internet messages are permitted)
* Requests for books, movies or videogames with content that could be harmful to SCP-2001's psychological well-being
* Requests to see its own dossier, or inquiries about its contents or location
* Requests to be allowed to enter REM sleep
* Requests to be allowed to write fictional stories
* Requests to come in contact with D-class personnel

If the subject ever makes any of these requests, a researched with a rank no less than Level 4 is to very carefully explain to it the reason why it is not allowed. Any other desire that SCP-2001 might have is to be fulfilled immediately and in a timely manner, including, but not limited to items, foods or information (even classified intel, such as the dossiers of other SCP subjects, is to be supplied to it upon request). Contacts with individuals that aren't part of the SCP staff is to be limited to phone calls unless a Level 5 researcher decides otherwise. SCP-2001 is to be kept happy and content at all times. If it appears to be depressed or lonely, or expresses violent behavior, however minor it may be, it is allowed up to three (3) hours inside SCP-█████'s cell. SCP-2001 is to undergo weekly sessions with a psychotherapist who is to ensure that its mental health is stable.

SCP-2001 has its own living quarters - a standard 5x5x5 cell refitted to look more like a traditional living room. Its concrete floor has been covered with wooden tiles and a carpet, and its walls have wallpapers and posters of the subject's choosing on them. Additional furniture includes:
*1 double-sized bed (complete with an appropriate futon and several sets of sheets with designs chosen by the subject)
*1 wooden desk
*1 office chair
*1 nightstand
*1 desk lamp
*1 wardrobe (regularly updated with clothes of the subject's choosing)
*1 ASUS laptop (with full Internet connectivity, except for a few sites that are deemed harmful and have been replaced with non-harmful dummies created by the Foundation; access and input are constantly monitored to prevent information leaks)
*1 Amazon Kindle 3 (vintage model from 2010; barely functioning)
*1 Apple iPhone 15S (with full Internet connectivity; camera has been disabled for security purposes)
*1 Nintendo Graviton portable gaming console
*36 Nintendo Graviton game cartridges
*1 Visa credit card with no limit
*6 posters
*1 mini-fridge full of food of the subject's choosing
*4 A4-sized notebooks with spiral bindings
*3 regular pens with blue ink (replaced weekly)

The room is to be cleaned regularly by staff, with the sheets changed and sanitized alongside SCP-2001's clothes according to standard procedure. The cell door can be locked, but due to the subject's delicate situation, it is heavily recommended that this is only done as a last resort in more extreme situations. SCP-2001 can lock the door itself using a different locking mechanism, if it so desires.

Description: SCP-2001 is a 14 year old human female contained in 2015. It is, as far as the Foundation knows, the last remaining mutant after the Decimation event, as its X-gene has unmistakably shown on every single test performed to date. However, it is impossible to determine whether the subject was born with the X-gene or acquired it at some point prior to its containment. That is because SCP-2001 is the world's most powerful "reality bender". It can warp the very essence of space and time at will and has erased people, places and events from existence. Due to the timing of the containment and the possession of an X-gene, it is commonly believed among the researching staff that SCP-2001 itself is responsible for the Decimation event. To date, the subject is proven to be directly responsible for the death of at least eight thousand (8,000) people and the disappearance of three (3) cities, which have been completely erased from existence. All of these murders were committed unknowingly, and to date, SCP-2001 has not been made aware of them due to concerns for its mental health.

All psychological evaluations show that SCP-2001 has no ill intent towards most people and, for the most part, is using its destructive powers subconsciously (its powers have been observed as activating during common everyday activities such as reading, browsing the Internet, daydreaming or, most commonly, REM sleep), even though extensive testing has proved that it has a certain amount of control over them. During tests, it has demonstrated the ability to easily transform and erase both non-organic and organic matter, such as fruits. In one experiment, suggested and overseen by Dr. █████, it refused to follow orders to erase a small canine from existence. However, in another one, it deliberately erased a D-list staff member after being informed of his crimes without being prompted to do so. To date, four (4) more staff members have been killed by it - two (2) D-list members, one (1) researcher (Dr. █████) and one (1) security guard that, according to SCP-2001, attempted to sexually assault it in its room. The security tape supposedly detailing the incident has been corrupted, most likely by the subject's abilities, though it is highly unlikely that the event the subject described actually happened, considering the victim's personality profile claims he was homosexual. However, during interviews with psychologists and researchers, SCP-2001 keeps referring to said assault as if it really did happen, and does not demonstrate any sign that it is lying. A popular theory, first suggested by Dr. ████████,  is that the victim's behavior was subconsciously changed by the subject's powers.

It is important to note that SCP-2001 can not only destroy people and settlements, but also create them. An experiment was conducted to test this ability. In it, Dr. █████ conducted a casual conversation with the subject, telling it about her recent vacation to Himitsu No Shiha (JP "Island of Secrets") - a small island located just off the coast of Japan. The researcher's account was extremely detailed - she showed SCP-2001 maps of the island, as well as photos of its landmarks, coast and people, all taken during the trip there. Naturally, there was no vacation - there is no island called Himitsu no Shiha, and all images and maps were fabricated by the staff. But once SCP-2001 began to truly believe the island existed, it managed to use its powers to physically manifest it into reality. All of the landmarks shown on the pictures were there, and whatever "holes" in the island's structure were left were filled in by the subject's imagination. Himitsu no Shiha was also filled with people - the exact number as the island's population, as listed on the map and some of the pamphlets Dr. █████ showed it. Several of the residents were interviewed, and they looked and behaved like regular people, though it is unknown if they had real thoughts and emotions, or were merely stand-ins for the population. Further testing on them could not be performed because as soon as SCP-2001 was informed of the true nature of the experiment, the entire island and all its residents were erased from existence. In any case, the experiment proves that the subject has the power of God and is able to create life out of nothing.

Despite possessing near-limitless power, SCP-2001 is still not able to perform certain feats. For example, it is completely unable to change past events - any changes to the fabric of space and time that it does will happen at the exact same moment that its powers manifest it. While physical records of history such as books, documents and even security footage can be altered, to some degree, memories are out of SCP-2001's reach, even when it is deliberately asked to augment them. Similarly, it is unable to alter or erase things that it's unaware of. An experiment was conducted where the subject was given a document detailing a description of a house with external walls painted red. SCP-2001 was asked to alter the writing so that it states the walls were painted blue instead. The subject performed the task magnificently, but it was unaware that three more copies of the document existed - one in a folder held by Dr. █████, once again overseeing the experiment, one located just outside SCP-2001's room, and one sent by fax to a site in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Neither of the three documents were changed or altered in any way during or after the experiment. It is also completely unable to subconsciously alter things that it is aware of, which is why it is recommended that SCP-2001 is exposed to as much information about the SCP subjects held on-site as possible, as altering or even erasing some of them would be highly undesirable.

It is widely believed by scientists that SCP-2001 is the only thing capable of killing SCP-682-1 for good, but when requested to do so, the subject outright refused, even when confronted with the multiple atrocities SCP-682 had performed. The most likely cause of this is the subject's loyalty to SCP-█████, whom it considers a close friend. The two subjects first met by accident shortly after SCP-2001's containment. After their separation, the subject began exhibiting symptoms of clinical depression likely caused from stress and loneliness. Since it was determined that SCP-2001 is powerful enough to erase the entire facility, and everything and everyone in it, keeping it happy was a top priority, and thus a special exception was made to allow the two subjects to meet on certain rare occasions. According to SCP-2001's Internet message logs (examined in 2020), it considers SCP-█████ to be its best friend, and holds a great amount of affection for it (though considering SCP-█████'s diagnosed sociopathy, the feeling is most likely not mutual, and interviews with both subjects on this topic have proven inconclusive).

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