SCP-682-2 - Lizard Girl

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SCP-682-2 - Lizard Girl

Post by Raiden on Sat Nov 02, 2013 7:09 pm

Item #: SCP-682-2

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-682-2 is to be contained in a standard, fully furnished 5x5x5m cell containing the standard furniture - one (1) bed frame, one (1) futon, two (2) pillows, one (1) set of sheets, one (1) fully functional toilet, and one (1) fully functional sink. Some additional items that have been requested by the subject include one (1) bookshelf full of ninety seven (97) books, ninety two (92) of which are non-fiction and/or educational. More books are to be provided in a timely manner and in accordance to the subject’s personal tastes and requests. Note: As of ██.██.20██, books need to be approved by a Level 5 researcher or above before being granted!

Absolutely no personnel without at least a level 3 clearance is allowed to go inside SCP-682-2’s cell, and all experiments conducted on it must be approved by an 05 member first. The only non-researcher allowed to approach the subject is SCP-2001, and access to SCP-682-2’s cell is to be provided whenever the former requests it. The personnel allowed inside are to be extremely cautious! While the subject will most likely not physically attack anyone without explicit order, not even D-class personnel (in case it does, it is to be reclassified as Keter immediately, and the respective containment procedures are to become effective immediately), it has been observed to lead subtle psychological warfare that has been proven to cause depression with various level of severity, and, in two (2) recorded cases, suicide. While talking has not been explicitly banned, it is recommended that the researchers try to engage in as little dialogue with the subject as possible!

UPDATE: As of November 1st, 2021, SCP-682-2 will be allowed temporary residence in the dormitory of Yamaku Academy, ██████████, Japan. To watch for any breaching of the Thaumiel Contract, three (3) additional Agents will be posted in the region – Agent Mephistoteles, Agent Fox and Agent Kazuma. Any and all breaches must be immediately reported to the O5 council, as they will most certainly lead to a reclassification to Keter.

KETER CONTAINMENT: In the event of a reclassification to Keter, SCP-682-2 is to be contained within a bare 5x5x5m cell with reinforced walls, floor and ceiling. The subject is to be constantly submerged within a large (3x3x5m) tank made of thermoplastic polycarbonate and filled to the brim with sulfuric acid (stronger acids are to be used if the subject is proven to have developed immunity). Once reclassified, all experimentation on SCP-682-2 would be immediately denied unless approved by the vast majority of the 05 council (at least ten votes).

Description: SCP-682-2 is a clone created by crossing the genes of a human and those of SCP-682-1. Its genetic human-to-682 ratio is about 3:2. It was originally developed by Dr. ███, who designed the idea to make a clone of 682 that would have a relatively human physiology, so that it could be taught obedience. She suggested various possible purposes for the clone, but the one that got the 05 council to approve the experiment was that it could provide a safe ground to try and research new ways to terminate SCP-682 without risking a containment breach. The experiment took seven (7) years to produce a viable, fertilized egg containing a clone with human DNA (taken from Dr. ███ herself) and 682 DNA, with the human one being slightly more prevalent in order to ensure the subject could actually be controlled. The egg was inserted into a female D-class worker, who carried it for exactly 40 weeks before giving birth to it. Following that, the surrogate mother was terminated.

The physiology of SCP-682-2 is quite intriguing. The subject is very clearly female, which proves once and for all that SCP-682-1 is also a female. Its external anatomy appears to be entirely human – most of its external organs look and function just like regular ones. And while there are certain minor differences (greatly reduced perspiration, lack of hair below the neck, lack of menstruation, etc.), an uneducated party would most likely classify the subject as human following a brief visual inspection. The only real difference is its eyes, which look and function a lot more like a reptile’s than a human’s. Aside from the elongated pupils, they also allow SCP-682-2 to see a lot more clearly and at a greater distance than an average human. The subject has also been recorded to notice ultraviolet light, but not too clearly.

Beneath the skin and muscles, though, SCP-682-2’s anatomy is nothing like a human’s. In fact, it is very similar to that of a lizard, as multiple dissections and vivisections have proven. The subject’s heart is located right behind the manubrium, where it’s protected by it. Its liver is greatly enlarged - at least two times the size of a regular human’s, and is located behind the lungs inside the chest cavity. Its bladder is also elongated, reaching from the pelvis all the way to a few centimeters above the mid-section. SCP-682-2’s kidneys are located near the buttocks. Other than that, the rest of its organs are in roughly the same place as in a human.

SCP-682-2’s unique physiology (alongside a couple of currently unknown factors) gives it a variety of metahuman traits. First and foremost, it possesses a form of SCP-682-1’s indestructability, albeit a much weaker one. Unlike the original, SCP-682-2 will not recover from any injuries that are not life-threatening – any non-fatal injury (including, but not limited to skin cuts, bruises and first-degree burns) will recover only about 15% faster than it would in a regular human. However, any injuries that would absolutely kill or permanently maim an unaltered human (including, but not limited to gunshots, acid baths, damage to internal organs, limb amputation and third degree burns) will heal almost instantly. Not only that – the recovery process will also create a temporary immunity to this particular type of injury (such as harder-than-steel scales covering the abdominal area to prevent organ damage or strengthening of the bones to a level that makes them impossible to be cut, even with a diamond blade). Aside from that, SCP-682-2’s metabolism is about 30% faster than that of a regular human, which increases its reflexes and thought process to an above average level, but as a result, it also requires more sustenance to function properly (lack of food and water will cause its metabolism to decrease by 50% until it is able to feed).  

Shortly after its birth, SCP-682-2 was subjected to numerous experiments. The ones which were aimed at studying it and collecting data are recorded in the Experimentation Log, while the ones aimed at terminating it are recorded in the Termination Log. From ages 0-4, SCP-682-2 was classified as Safe, as it was believed that it was physically unable to harm any of the researchers. After the DL-6 incident (see included report for details), which resulted in the deaths of four D-class workers, SCP-682-2 was reclassified to Euclid. When the subject was twelve (12) years old, its unauthorized encounter with SCP-076 contributed greatly to its reclassification to Thaumiel.

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