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Nayumi Tachibana

Post by Nayumi Tachibana on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:46 am

NAME: Nayumi Tachibana
AGE: Fifteen
CLASS: Freshman

APPEARANCE: Nayumi is relatively tall for a Japanese girl (173 cm). Her figure is slim and could have easily been defined as “sexy” if it wasn't for her almost completely flat chest. However, that's pretty hard to tell considering that she's usually dressed in several layers of clothing, regardless of the weather. That is to hide the fact that her body is 95% cybernetic as a result of an experiment she was subjected to (that I explained in her backstory). As a result of that, anyone who touches her will find out that her skin is unnaturally hard, but since she doesn't like being touched and rarely takes any clothing off in front of stranger, her secret is usually safe.
She has long, black hair that reaches past her shoulders. She doesn't really enjoy keeping her hair that long, but it's a bit of a necessity, since it hides the cybernetics on her neck and the back of her head. During the experiment, her lower jaw and nose were amputated and replaced by a metal plate (as visible in the picture I linked above). This inconveniences Nayumi's daily life greatly, and forces her to wear a scarf or a bandana across half of her face wherever she goes. Thankfully, an advanced voice box was installed to allow her to communicate, but even though her speech is realistic enough, it can still sound a bit artificial to people who have listened for a while.
As if to compensate for the fact that half of the girl's face is always covered, her big eyes are overly expressive. One needs to only look at them to learn exactly how she's feeling at the moment. That works both in her advantage (it makes non-verbal communication a lot easier) and to her disadvantage (she can't hide her emotions no matter how hard she tries).

BACKSTORY: Nayumi was born in 2005, in a rather rich family. Her mother was a well-respected surgeon, and her father was a scientist that had revolutionized the field of cybernetics by inventing bionic limbs that don't only move a lot more swiftly than previous models, but are also a lot more compatible with human brain waves, thus making them extremely efficient in replacing lost arms and legs. By 2015, the technology was more or less perfected, and chances are that if someone ever got an expensive bionic limb, Tachibana-san had something to do with it.
But little Nayumi never cared about all that. True, her mom and dad were important people, but that also made them quite busy, which meant the girl was often left all alone at home. She was always a bit introverted, so she didn't really have all that many friends as a child. Rather, she preferred to stay at home and draw. Of course, just like any other girls, she liked stuff like sweets, Saturday morning cartoons, dolls and pajama parties, but if there was one thing she REALLY enjoyed doing, it was drawing. She never had a particularly impressive talent or a huge potential, but she liked drawing so much that her abilities gradually improved through experience. Nayumi often showed her drawings to her parents when they were around, in the hopes that she would get their approval, but neither of them seemed to really appreciate it. In fact, they both wanted her to enter the field of medicine, and her artistic skills didn't particularly help her dropping grades. Still, while the girl would have really liked to get her parents' approval at least once, she didn't draw to get attention – she did it because she enjoyed it quite a lot.
When she was twelve, her father got involved with some shady business. His business partner betrayed him and managed to steal the company he had built, alongside the patents for all his inventions. Tachibana-san was far from broke, but as it was, there was no way he could have continued working in the field of cybernetics. That's when an extremely powerful Yakuza family stepped in and offered him a deal – they would provide him with practically unlimited resources and a high-tech laboratory filled with scientists just as brilliant as him (albeit fallen from grace, for one reason or another), and all he'd have to do in return was build them the perfect cybernetic soldier. Desperate to return in the spotlight and continue his research, Tachibana-san accepted, but there was another condition – to ensure his full cooperation and willingness to do... questionably moral things, the first test subject would have to be his daughter.
On the very same day, Nayumi was literally dragged away from home, despite her mother's cries and screams, and locked up inside a cell at the laboratory where her father worked. That's when the real horror began for her. Over the next two and a half years, the girl underwent literally dozens, if not hundreds of surgeries that gradually replaced her organic body parts with cybernetics invented by her father and the other scientists there. Due to the nature of the experiment, she was never allowed to go outside her cell, and the only thing she could do was stay there and watch as she lost more and more of her humanity with each procedure. The pain, loneliness and despair would have driven her completely insane for sure... if it wasn't for the fact that after each surgery, when she woke up in her room, she found a new sketchpad and a pack of pencils. She never learned who kept placing these gifts there for her, but they certainly saved at least a bit of her sanity. Nayumi kept drawing, over and over again, day and night, picture after picture. Over time, her art became dark and abstract. She stopped drawing teddy bears, ponies and her parents and began depicting scenes of violence and creatures from her nightmares. After the two and a half years were over, those were pretty much the only things she COULD draw.
But the experiment failed. In reality, the technology wasn't advanced enough to augment the human organism to the level the Yakuza wanted. True, Nayumi's new cybernetic body was tough, silent, almost as swift as that of an unaltered human, nearly indestructible and ran on motion energy without requiring air, water or food... But developing it cost trillions of yen, and, while revolutionary, didn't even come close to the level of a supersoldier. Extremely disappointed, the Yakuza pulled the plug on the experiment and killed almost everyone involved. The only survivors were Nayumi, as well as a bunch of scientists that betrayed the Yakuza and notified the UN about the illegal experimentation going on. Tachibana-san was among the casualties.
When the girl was finally rescued, over 95% of her body had been replaced by cybernetics. She was placed in the care of social services, where she spent the next 6 months in intensive psychological care. Some of the best psychologists in Japan managed to help her through the trauma, as much as that was possible, and reintegrate her into society. While still really scarred by the event, Nayumi was deemed mentally healthy enough to be released back into the world.
However, the girl never really wanted to go back. After all, her body and face had been completely destroyed by the technology inside her, and she had to hide the metal parts under clothing if she ever wanted to go outside. Naturally, going to a normal school was out of the question, but her psychologists knew perfectly well that she could never fully move on with her life if she remained sheltered like that. So, they settled on the next best thing and practically forced her to go to a school where practically everyone was different - Yamaku Academy. Very reluctantly, Nayumi agreed to attend classes there.
Soon after starting her new life at Yamaku, the girl created a DeviantArt account under the username "Himitsu" where she began uploading her artwork. It didn't take long for her to get noticed, and in just a few weeks, she already had a relatively big following on both that site and Deadbook. The fact that, for the first time in her life, she realized someone actually liked her art and wanted to see more, served as a huge confidence booster for her. Right now, her online popularity is more or less the only good thing in her life.

PERSONALITY: The surgeries and her new body left Nayumi scarred for life. She considers herself a freak and refuses to get close to anyone because she thinks she'll just be rejected and hurt. Instead, she prefers to be passive and live in her own, little world, away from other people. Most of the time, she's just sitting idly somewhere quiet (like a library or a park) and is sketching things in her notebook without really disturbing anyone around her. In case someone approaches her and begins a conversation, she won't outright reject them (because deep down inside, she WANTS to interact with people), but she may appear kind of distant at first, since she's afraid that if she gets attached, she'll only be hurt at the end. On the other hand, if one is persistent and careful enough, she will eventually begin to open up more.
In reality, Nayumi isn't a person who just doesn't care (even though she really wants other people to think that). It's actually quite the opposite – she's far more sensitive than normal, partly because the experiment left her mentally unstable, and partly because she's never been particularly tough. Often, when people say something insensitive to her and hurt her, she'll run back to her dorm room, lock herself in and cry for hours. Keep in mind, it's not always the other person's fault – her shattered psyche makes her get hurt quite easily, and there's just no way to know what is insensitive to tell her and what isn't, especially for someone who's unaware of her condition. The girl realizes this and hates herself for it, but there's nothing much she can do about it, especially considering that even her psychiatrist doesn't seem able to help.
Online, Nayumi is almost completely different. Her popularity on sites such as DeviantArt or Deadbook, as well as the fact that no one can see what she looks like, boost her confidence significantly. She still acts a bit distant, but overall is FAR more engaging and a lot more approachable. She prefers chatting with people a lot more than talking to them in person. However, she usually tends to keep her real life identity a secret from the online community, so she rarely shares any personal details and would only agree to a real-life meeting if she really, REALLY trusts the person suggesting it. Naturally, some people may discover her secret, but she generally ignores them, since she's aware that any negative reaction would only make her look bad.

*Practically indestructible body
*No need for her to eat, drink or breathe
*Greater stamina than normal people
*Artistic talent

*Lack of mouth, which means she can not eat, drink, breathe, smell, kiss or talk (she uses a voice box)
*Can't feel touch, except on her fingertips and upper face
*Can't overexert herself – even though she has greater endurance than most unaugmented people, once she goes past her limits, her body overheats and she gets a high fever
*Lack of sexual organs means she can't have sex, or even feel pleasure in that way. It also means she can't ever have children
*Requires regular maintenance (she needs to go to a mechanic every week, or else her body begins to deteriorate)
*Severe mental trauma

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Nayumi Tachibana

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Re: Nayumi Tachibana

Post by NorXTNP on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:47 am



Now this needs an explanation.

Seriously, we had a LOT of problems about this character. Let me start
First of all,the creator of Nayumi took his time to come online, and spoke with Akise(Silentfox), Raiden AND me about the whole idea.

And believe it or not,we actually rejected it, but instead of saying "well, sorry no" We worked with it.

Let me get some things straight. THis character in the form she is right now,is completly okay, a well thought out character with a backstory detailed to the max and even some preset and accepted relations to already existing characters.

We all decided to agree on this, for once, we allowed something like this, just to show you further that the extraordinary rule is not restricting you at all if your character is build good.

However,let me get one thing straight: Characters like this MUST be talked over with US , because otherwise we may reject them. The discussion took a fairly long time.

And now, does she fit into katawa shoujo?
People may look at it that way:
-> She is a cyborg
-> She got inhuman abilitys
and say no.
But i say yes.
I will repeat something the char creator told us again and again.
"Think hanako"
Let me tell you why she fits into the universe.
-> She is a complete unique personality with her own flaws and perfections.
-> She is completly disabled and barely human, which is a disability if you ask me.
->she is mentally completly scared.
If you do not accept her into the community because she is different, that is baisicly the same thing as hisao did when he first entered the school. He didnt liked anyone because they where different.
Maybe she is a little more extraordinary than rin,emi,lilly,hanako and or shizune,but does that change the fact that she is sitll a human who wants to be liked? SOmeone, who just wants to live a normal live against the odds?
After we cutted so many ruff edges,this is actually a really good character for this community. Nothing will ever happen, as the cyborg stuff is just mandatory but not affecting.
There wont be a killing spree, and she wont assasinate someone,and she is definatly not an uber cyborg. She still has her free will,to give you a heads up once more.

I expect some feedback to her, but still, we accepted the character in the community, if you reallydont like her,dont rp with her,but give her the chance to show you that this character is well thought out and works out flawlessly.

Nayumi is not going to be that socialy awkward girl noone likes, and noone wants. If the rare case occurse that the whole community says a Nye to her after she has been around, than yes, we may talk about suspending the account. But i believe,this wont happen.


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Re: Nayumi Tachibana

Post by LQ-84i on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:52 am

Based upon what we three have gone over with this person in private, I can approve this based on what I've been told.

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Re: Nayumi Tachibana

Post by Raiden on Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:05 am

Approved, but remember what we told you in the chat - start powerplaying, and you're out.

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Re: Nayumi Tachibana

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