SCP-2029 - The Wolf of the Forest

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SCP-2029 - The Wolf of the Forest

Post by Raiden on Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:50 am

Item #: SCP-2029

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

UPDATE: As of ██.██.2021, SCP-2029 has breached containment and is still at large! Its current suspected location is Yamaku Academy and the town nearby. Capturing it and bringing it back into containment (under more severe conditions) is currently Site-██'s top priority! As a result, five (5) additional Agents will be dispatched in the region, including two (2) Thaumiel-class SCPs - Agent █████████████ and Agent ████████. While it is desirable to capture the subject alive, deadly force is authorized!

SCP-2029 is to be kept in a regular-sized cell whose walls and floor have been reinforced with steel. over the concrete. Inside the cell are one (1) metal-frame bed, complete with a futon and a full set of sheets, including a pillow, as well as one (1) wooden bookshelf which is regularly updated with new books in order to keep the subject entertained. On the walls are four (4) vents used to filter the air and to administer an anesthetic gas when necessary. The vents are protected by secure steel bars.

No personnel is to enter SCP-2029's cell while the subject is awake! Before doing maintenance of or cleaning his room, the subject must be put to sleep first, and awoken after all the procedures have been completed. Nobody is allowed to converse with SCP-2029 without explicit permission from at least one Level 4 researcher, and even then, the conversation must happen using an intercom. Absolutely no foreign objects are to be left inside SCP-2029's cell! Violators of this rule face immediate termination or demotion to D-class staff!

Upon containment breach, the security guards are authorized and heavily advised to utilize the silver bullets located in storage.

Description: SCP-2029 appears to be a regular human teenager, with its only abnormalities being a missing right leg (typically replaced with a prosthesis, which was confiscated to halt potential containment breaches) and a scar running horizontally across its face, right under the eyes.. According to the student ID which was found on it during containment, its real name appears to be ███████████ ████ (the subject responds to that name during interviews). The very same ID points his age as being ██, though the lack of knowledge the Foundation has on SCP-2029's species means the information could be inaccurate. In its human form, the subject has no extraordinary features - his strength, speed and reflexes are above average, but not by a large margin. However, its real form is that of a large, humanoid lycan. It is currently unknown what triggers the transformations from one form into the other, though it's generally believed the subject can do so using sheer willpower. In its second form, SCP-2029's body mass increases substantially (its height changes from 1.7 m to 2.1 m) and becomes covered by a thick layer of grayish-black hair. The subject's entire physiology appears to change, with its skull transforming into a canine shape, complete with sharp teeth. SCP-2029 also gains limbs and organs that were not present in its human form, such as a tail. Even its missing leg regrows, changed into one that is more canine in appearance, complete with a backwards kneecap. The subject's fingernails and toenails also extend and harden significantly, turning into claws. Most unusual of all is its shift in body mass - after transformation, SCP-2029 gains hundreds of kilograms in muscle mass (though it has been impossible to get exact measurements) seemingly out of nowhere, making its muscles tough enough to withstand most attacks with close-range objects, as well as bullets from low-caliber guns.

While SCP-2029 acts like a regular teenager or young adult when in its human form, it completely loses all sentience after its transformation. It is currently unknown exactly what causes it (the most popular theories are distress and sheer willpower; contrary to popular belief, the moon cycles have little to do with the transformation), but once it occurs, SCP-2029 will begin attacking everything and everyone in sight. The lycan form is significantly stronger and faster than the human one, and just one attack is enough to completely crush most humans' internal organs, killing them instantly. The claws are also sharp enough to easily cut through wood and even concrete, when enough strength is applied. SCP-2029's exact running speed hasn't been measured yet, but based on its body structure and powerful legs, it's estimated to be between 70 and 100 km/h. The transformations usually last between 15 minutes and an hour, but can be forcefully halted by administering a large enough doze of anesthetic, which immediately reverts SCP-2029 back to its human form before putting it to sleep for about twelve hours (an event that happened after every observed transformation). It's important to note that whatever wounds the subject sustained in its human form are immediately and permanently healed as soon as it transforms into its lycan form, and vice versa. The reasons why its right leg and scar don't heal remain a mystery.  

SCP-2029's most dangerous trait is its nigh-invulnerability when transformed. As mentioned above, most physical attacks won't harm it at all, and the wounds from ones that will (such as close-ranged shotgun blasts or explosives) have been observed to fully heal within seconds. The only metal which can harm the subject permanently is silver. Silver bullets and blades have been known to be highly effective against SCP-2029, and it's believed they are the only thing capable of killing it in its lycan form, aside from a nuclear blast. While in its human form, the subject is just as vulnerable as a regular human.

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